Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Shoot them all up

I got sidetracked last night when i was working on some documents for an upcoming milestone at work. (i was at home, and it was late).

I altered the directional fire control in my ashooter base work in progress game to to my second joystick. Then i got to twin stick the  ashooter leveles to bits with this config. I have to say i reckon it was a complete blast and opens up some excitement from me to do a sequel already. The only thing stopping me is the fact i would still not have an Avatar in the game. Wedging an Avatar into a game like this does not feel good to me either. so not sure how i might resolve that. If A Shooter had sold even a 1000 copies i would be all over it. I have some great ideas that would make the gameplay progressive from A Shooter and add a whole lot more gameplay. Hard not to get excited about it really. a Side scrolling game but your ship would have a turret for full directional fire control. Just think of the boss fights i could do, woot!

ahh well, back to the Docs, haha


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