Monday, October 4, 2010

Competition Event #2 Winner

Here is what i saw at 9pm pst tonight on my xbox.

A very definitive win for sure. Placed directly below my own new score and my artists score. I am very pleased to see someone win who has improved on last weeks score. This makes me happy people are improving at the game.

Well after all my internet and virus problems this weekend i have to call it a night. I look forward to sending off a T-shirt to Germany no less.

Don't forget that next weeks competition is in a wekks time.

Good luck and please pass on the competition info to anyone you know with an Xbox360.



  1. Congrats to my little brother and Thanks to your thrilling contest, VoodooChief. All together a very exciting trip / experience to me. Was fun :-)

  2. Thanks Lohengriehn for letting me take part in your brotherly competition.

    Da Voodoochief