Saturday, April 3, 2010

Submission is busy time

Just when ya thought ya were done. Ok, just when I thought i was done, and could move onto other projects within the company that need a little TLC, and Whammo. submission forms and more.

I have been filling out this major form all day today. Been very busy and worked hard on it. But still i go home with it not quite done. this is due to other unforseen interruptions, like crashes etc. all minor, but distracting nonetheless.

What i recommend is, studying what the submission procedure really is before ya do it, before it gets to be that time and you think you have enough time, but ya don't. Noones fault but your own. The otehr thing i recommend is a dry run. I was planning on this a few weeks ago, but somehow let it slide. Now i wish i hadn't as i see all my time going away, and fighting to get stuff done.

good luck to anyone in a submission phase, i feel for ya, but am also happy for ya. Your project is in it's final stages. That is something to celebrate! Woohoo!

One last part of The Midway news is... Sony tell me we should have our transporter (the infamous Teleporter potty) in the Main Plaza. Woohoo! I sure hope that works out. We wrote the minigame today for it. It's silly, but cool


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