Monday, April 12, 2010

It is a Good day

I wasn't sure what to write about tonight, so i figured i would write about my day.

After dropping my son at school and then going to my Physio therapy this morning. I ended up at work (no shock there!). I was hoping to get soem email or other from Sony, but i think in this case, no news is good news. They are busy testing our new submission i sent to then on sunday (yesterday). I hope it goes smoothly and The Midway will be aok to be published on the 29th.

Then i got busy on the minigame for the Playstation home Plaza. Yeah, that's right. We are gonna have a portal directly to The Midway in the Main Plaza area. Woohoo! Well i had to write it, adn today i got it finished. Tested it with 3 people so far and all looks good. I should test it with about 5 people at least befroe i send it to Sony. So by the end of tomorrow i hope it is sent.

Then I got home and had some lovely ambrosia creamed rice, from the Tin, imported from England, yum yum. Then got to work on A Shooter for XBLIG making the Difficulty levels work and also started work on level 12. The difficulty levels are ace. Easy mode is a lot easier, and the hardest mode is most certainly hard, but i played through at least 7 levels before my arm started aching (thats what the physio is for).

So it has been a very successful day, and i am glad i got to remember it here :D


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