Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tidying up A Shooter

Time for a quick tidy up. Getting rid of all those untidy and unwanted functions from my code.

In tidying up i have managed to save like a whopping 18MB off the zip file, haha! I would never have thought it possible. Now i have enough room to put more music into the game, woohoo!

I was gonna rant tonigth about cheap ass games. Or ones i see as cheap ass anyway. These would include most of the Avatar games on the XBLIG service. And i think it warrents a more detailed approach than the one i would end up doing this late tonight. so hopefully i can get it together tomorrow and alienate and annoy some of my fellow developers, cos i think that might happen. Even though i won't mean it personally i tell ya!

Oh back to 'A Shooter'. I have been filling in sections like the Upsell screen. EVERY XBLIG game should have one. YES i mean you!
An Upsell screen is where you go to befroe your Trial ends, it is where you get the chance to try to sell the features or exciting parts of your game to the downloading public. so make it short, make it sweet, and ya never know. You might pursuade them to buy your game.

Next i went onto tidy up my credits screen. This was fairly easy as it is a copy of the one from Pellmell, and the credits haven't changed much at all. So that was fast. Then it links to my X-Marketing screen.
What is a X-Marketing screen... Erm.. Don't tell me you don't have one of those in your game! Your excuse is that it is your first game ? Well that isn't good enough. do you have a second game in the works? Then advertise that one. If nope, then make one up quick, or do anotehr developer or developers a favor by putting their game in your game. You cannot afford to waste any chance of promoting XBLIG my friend. My X-Marketing screen has my previous 3 titles on it, Aceball, Pellmell and A Dreamland Chronicles Game. So it looks pretty full. This time i took the decision to IGNORE SDTVs. Ya hear that Peer reviewers ? I am going to IGNORE screen safe for this screen. It has none essential info on it, and i am Good with that. Phew.. And i wasn't gonna rant :O haha

With this tidied up i took out a buncha debug code and am now going to go onto looking at the saving code i have. It is pretty solid, but i believe there is possibly a hole in the try-catches... Somehow i reckon a Code 4 can squeeze out of. That is not acceptable to me.

Then i am going to play through my levels once more tonight and balance them again. This will be an ongoing job for the next several weeks i am sure. I do need to get this into Peer review at some point. Though not sure when exactly.

Finally i need to start looking at J Wattes Highscore code to see how i can make sessions work, as he has sharing of leaderboards working, and i would love to have them. Though i really need to save more custom info alongside the Highscores. I'll look at it while the graphics are being done i hope. Though without a second Xbox i am not sure how to test it :|



  1. I'm trying to avoid menus and other distractions in my game, but I think I will add an upsell screen.

  2. I really recommend it. I'll have a picture of mine soon, as i am about done with it. tbh i tend to tweak it for way too long. But it'll never be perfect.

    I have found that asking various peoples opinions helps get it more solid though.