Wednesday, April 14, 2010

My Mate Simes

I got to take Friday off last week and spend the day with my mate Simes and his wife, 2 children and his inlaws. We met down in snata Monica and had a wonderful day just chatting and being friends. Friends are so wonderful and although it has been quite a large number of years since we had ast talked, it really felt like i had not seen him in a couple of weeks. The waffle and comrarderie was so good. We had a great day at the beach and the rest of the attractions at Santa Monica.

Alas  it all ends too quickly and they had to go to Vegas (ahh poor things ;) haha). While there they got married by Elvis.

The Simon get re-married!

The video is excellent.And made me and Eliza giggle a number of times. Everyone should get married by elvis at least once it seems.


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