Monday, April 5, 2010

Mass Media Reunion sort of

I had a wonderful weekend just gone. It was wonderful because of the people that were in it. It was also a two day event.

Saturday i had my colleagues leaving party at the local bowling alley. We were gonna do some cosmic bowling and lots of waffling. Some ex-workmates of mine turned up for the send off, and some current workmates. also my colleagues sister was there. It is a lively bunch of lovely people. I had a wonderful time hanging out and bowling left handed. I tried hard not to give any advice (my oldy wisdom haha). But had a great time re-connecting to this ex-wormates, but primarily friends. Love them all to bits and it showed me how much i miss them.

Sunday i was visiting my friends down in Chino Hills, it was his sons 6th birthday. It is amazing how fast time can fly. I got to hang out with their friends and family, who are all so freidnly and warm it is great. I also got to reconnect to some other ex-workmates. So that was another wonderful time. again, it shows me how much i like these people, and how easy they are to get along with. There was never a lull in conversation. I also met a few new people, one of which works for blizzard. That was another easy connection.

So my weekend was busy with coming into work for the submission stuf for the PS3Home, but i had such a good time with friends and new people.

Sometimes it is good to get out, and sort of get away from work.

Love y'all.
oh, and Good luck to my colleague Rachel, who is as i type this travelling to the Big Apple. I wish her all the success it is possible to have.

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