Friday, April 30, 2010

XBLIG and PS3 Home and Pax10

Woah, a Full day at the MRI clinic this afternoon. They had to perform two scans of my elbow as each scan could not quite get the whole of my elbow in it. They are about 40 Minutes long each, adn my arm was in an awkward and painful positon for both scans. I feel surprised I amanged to last through it, it was rather painful. Of course it would have been easy if my arm could straighten, but then I would not have to go if that was the case :S Catch 22 situation.

So I'll just try hard to be brief and summarise where I am on the above title topics....

I haven't had chance yet to carry on with my Global High Scores code. I reckon I will go ahead and buy the second CC premium membership and at least remove that from problems list. If it saves me an hour then it will be worth it.

I have uploaded the latest Prizes and scenes today The Boss helped and Now all 210 items are uploaded and in the Sandbox, they have also been pushed to QA for I hope final testing. Live date is now only a week away. sure Hope it all passes. To be honest it has been fun fixing some of the bugs and changing a few features these past few days. Wish me luck!

Now this is new news today. Checkout the minor annoucnement on their page Here. Pretty cool, but what does this have to do with me and Sorcerygames? Well, should I, or shouldn't I ? If i go with it and they don't care for my game, it will not be a bad thing. I will be in the same position I am now, having a hard time marketing my games. If however they select it, my world could change. It could launch me onto so much more. This Pax10 comp is also interesting as they mention their main judging criteria is fun and gameplay. Main info Here. The game A Shooter is all about Gamplay. I can add to the fun factor with a number of mods. some of them are more time consuming, but could be worth it for this competition. Ahh, the mind boggles. I am gonna go dream about it haha!


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