Saturday, April 3, 2010

A Shooter progresses

My friend and co-conspiritor Paul has purchased an Xbox360 Elite today. This makes me very happy, and him also haha. I would also take bets that his two boys will be over the moon!

I am hoping this will allow me to test some multiplayer code soon, though once i have finished this game most likely. and talking about my latest game.

A Shooter now has 9 levels. Ok, so really it has 8.5 levels and 9 bosses, but that is close enough for me to feel good about rounding it up 8D

I am probably going to do a mid-work in progress video for it this weekend, though i have a doubles tennis match to attend, and sadly a going away party for one of my colleagues, who is moving onto bigger things come monday. It is a sad day. But also a happy one.

I must say that i am still finding my new shooter fun. I guess i just love dodging bullets so much. Maybe the video will show you just how much!


ps. i hope to start including some new pictures from sunday onwards. I have just been too busy, and not quite working on the right subject matter that is photogenic

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