Sunday, April 25, 2010

DrMistry Postmortems Blazin Balls for XBLIG

A good chap, DrMistry is dedicated to creating good games. He has recently released another title onto the Xbox, and no doubt you have downloaded and played it. It is a new direction for him, as his last game was such an epic. And unfortunately an Epic fail according to him. This time he decided to make some different decisions and go in this new direction. He did a postmortem on his site which i link below. I am not sure I really like the format, but he always has something interesting to say. Next time he does a postmortem I hope for the Good, Bad, Ok approach. Till then, enjoy his Postmortem

Blazin Balls Postmortem



  1. I also think, his postmortems are worth to read. Did it on Space Pirates from Tomorrow (very informative, even if very long :D) and will do it again on this one.

  2. Ahh, i don't have the link for the Space pirates one. At the time i wasn't thinking about the promotion i could help give it. But I do think postmortems are good to read. Though some can be too long haha. Wait till I do mine :|

    Thanks for the comment Lohengriehn