Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Midway in PS3Home - Play to win guide pt2 - Trigger Happy

So Captain Black was taken and removed from The Midway. He was the sneakiest man i have ever met, well met is a stretch, as he always stayed in the shadows. Hard to see hard to talk to, but he knew his stuff. He was one of the best under cover operators ever. So going into The Midway was a challenging prospect.

I am not like Captain Black, i am not an undercover stealth operator like him. The traditional spy. I am more of the So Obvious noone can see me variety, or the hidden in plain sight spy. So i disguised myself to fit in with the Midway carnies and their clientel. this was a bold move, but one i am famous for (well, infamous).

Here i am showing off the game i am going to reveal tonight.
I dare to beckon you close, from right in front of the game!

Lets get closer and see what this wonderful game has to offer shall we ?

Check out the prize board
This is THE best first prize in all of The Midway. Ok, i know that is my opinion, but it Rocks. It somehow manages to transcend visual abilities and make it appear that you have a massive hole in your body. Like you have been shot through with a big bullet or something. Marvellous stuff this.

Ok, so lets start this game and see what the HUD looks like.

The Trigger Happy HUD
The Hud has the usual game timer in the top middle. This appears to be standard in all the minigames in The Midway. We start the game with 30 seconds on the clock, and it seems like an age, till you get to the higher levels. In the bottom left we have thenumber of bullets you have in your gun, and fortunately it is Infinite, yup, endless bullets. So go Ape, fire as rapidly as you can. Then in the bottom right corner we have the scoring counter, the t number is the target scorto win the prize for the curent level, the bottom number is your current score value. Don't ever pay any attention to this meter. It is just a distraction from shooting stuff. And shooting stuff gets ya points, and points get ya the prizes. You will also notice a bright green circle with a cross in it on the middle left side. this is your cursor. Your targetting device.

Let's talk about the places or items you can shoot, as they have different point values. This is a very important point (point haha!).

The Score values for targets

As you can see from the Score values. They are spread around a little bit. The secret to the game though is to FLOW. This means keep scoring as many points as you can per second. (pps or points per second). This is achieved by shooting the higher point scorers, but not letting the smaller ones go to waste. One point before we discuss what to shoot. The cursor (your targetting device) never stops moving. so you need to be in constant control of where it is going. Don't let it go by itself anywhere, as you may lose track of it momentarily.

Here is the best scoring path break down...
You start in the center of the screen, so while you are there, shoot the Bulls Eyes out,
then head downwards shooting any cuddle creature heads that pop up on the way,
then you will shoot a bottle or can and onto the BIG points.
Now you are in the fishy area near the bottom of the game. Time your movment to hit all the passing fish. It is possible to not miss a single one.
In the small amount of down time as you shoot the fish, move up ocassionally and take out a can or bottle,
but get right back down for the next passing fish.

In this way you can easily score more points than even the level 10 has you aiming for. Don't go back for the Bulls eyes, I know it is tempting, and the Midway staff want you to do it, but it isn't worth the travel time. Same for those Foosball models feet, lots points but hard as hell to hit.

Here is me celebrating winning the best first prize in The Midway. Woohoo! And not a soul here at The Midway seems to have noticed me. This is an awesome disguise!

That's me wearing the Super Frist prize T-Shirt

So now you know what to do. This is probably the easiest game to win przes at. But like all the games you may need a bit of practice.
Good luck, and I will bring another report next week.

Oh here come the clowns, and it appears they would like to take me to dinner. told ya it was a wonderful disguise, haha!

Bye for now..
Cool huh!

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