Saturday, April 17, 2010

Working the Weekend

So i got my bug report yesterday from Sony in relation to the latest submission for The Midway Spaces.

The Midway is a very large scale project for the Midway, and therefore needs a good deal of testing (testing time should always be appropriate for the size of the project).. Sony have thankfully taken on this job and have been testing the spaces for us. So far we have done quite well for numbers of bugs. Much lower than i expected.

Now it is saturday and the reason for my post is maybe obvious. Some times you have to do what ya have to do to get a product on the shelves on time. Or in this case, on the virtual shelves... :|

I don't mind putting in the extra time to get stuff done on time, and i believe the commitment of all i work with here at MMI have the same desire to get stuff done. We need it fixed and uploaded ready for Sony on Monday morning for their next test cycle. Sure hope it goes well.

Hope everyone has a great weekend, and isn't in work....


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