Monday, April 26, 2010

Global High Scores Required now

I have been in Debate about this subject with one of my good friends. The question comes down to 'Is it worth the effort to put in Global High Scores?'

This is indeed an interesting question. One i have thought about a lot. People have had real trouble with this stuff. To be honest it is a pain in the butt. However... I love knowing just how good I am at an Arcade style game. That is where I come from. I loved having the top score or Scores on the arcade machines at my local arcades. I worked hard for that achievement. It means much more to me today than the achievements we can all get in WOW or on the Xbox etc.

So the work IS worth it in my mind. I of course do not know exactly how much work it is. J.Watte has produced a nice component for the use of XBLIG folks. Very very nice of him i have to say. Though i do not like components. They like to work in a nice rigid way.. This is the issue I face. I was looking over the high score component and deciding to rip out all the network connectivity code and just put the rest of the swapping code in myself. This I am sure I can do. However it looked to be a nasty and large job. what to do eh ?  I was getting frustrated.

Then it HIT me!
I would just write a nice simple transfer function. This function would translate my highscore code to the one that the Global High Score table uses, and back again the other way. I reckon this is brilliant and will allow me to keep my custom tables, but still use the generic one that J.Watte has written. (have i mentioned he Rocks?).

So that is my plan. I will write more when I finally get to attack it this week.


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