Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Midway in PS3Home - Play to win Guide pt1 - Rebound


My real name is unimportant but most people just call me Captain Black (cos i look like a puppet it seems!).
I am going to spill the beans on an upcoming title for Playstaion Home. Yeah, that's right. It isn't even out yet, and i am here giving the skinny on it. I will get you an inside guide each week till i have covered all the games within the Space called The Midway. My guides will help you win the prizes Faster and Cheaper than you ever though possible. We have to get what we can, before the man catches us.....

Todays game is called Rebound. It is a skill game based on timing a little light that goes up and down the backboard of a basketball backboard. The game is easy to find, as it is one of the brightest in The Midway.

Once you have located the game, go stand in front of it, and stop watching other people playing it. Their playing can be a distraction, and you want all your attention focused on the task at hand.
Here you see me staring down the games name. Now press X already and lets get this game going.

Now we have our game started let me tell you what you will see on the screen. The HUD (or heads up display), tells us many things. Well ok, all the important things for this moment in time.
1. In the top middle you willsee the game Timer. Once this has counted down the seconds, the game is over.
2. Bottom left you will see how many balls you have available to throw. Infinite in this game.
3. Bottom right you will see a nice counter. The top of which tells you how many points you need. The bottom number tells you how many points you have currently.

The aim of the game is simple. Throw those balls into the basket and rack up a score good enough to win that level, and then advance to the next level and the next prize offering.
The game is controlled by pressing the X button when the travelling light is in a good place. If you stop the light in the wrong place, you will miss the basket. So listen up and i will point out the SWEET spots for making basket after basket.
Sweet spot #1

Sweet spot #2
Those sweet spots are right next to each other, this llows you some slop in your timing. There is a couple of other spots that can get ya a basket, but stay away from them. concentrate on hitting right under the basket rim with each light.

If you follow those simple instructions you will get your prizes with a fast and furious style. And will see lots of these Winner displays.

Good luck, and next week i will tell you all about the Easiest game to win prizes at.
now shh.. I hear someone coming, and it may just be a clown.....

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