Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Shooter not quite ready on the Xbox

I have been really busy tonight. Trying so hard to get the new game ready for some Peer Playtesting. I also had a busy day solving with the help of my workmates, all the bugs for Sony. Woah, am i a busy guy! I also had the pleasure of having a couple of boys stop over with my kids. They had a riot of a time, and especially loved playing Castle Crashers together. They were cheering and group hugging when they finally beat the game. They have been working on that for quite some time it seems.

Anyway, back to my night. I am working hard on getting A Shooter to peer playtest for two reasons. One is to Lock the name noone else can seriously use it then). The other is to see what happens when Peer reveiwers (well playtesters), are confronted with an obviously artstically sub-standard product. But one that has pretty sound gameplay mechanics.

To be honest i have spent a good portion of tonight re-writing some of my MU pulling code. It is a bit more pro-active now. I hope this version works out. Was sort of fun to do. If this works i shall also have to regress it back into Pellmell. Yeech!

One thing i did tonight was to produce a temporary thumbnail for the dashboard :D
A Shooters Thumbnail
Exciting isn't it. And all my own work, lol. I still have a few quirky problems, like the fact i forgot to write the 2 lines of code to allow you to progress through the game (saves section). This is something that i'll now do tomorrow, as i am tired. Not quite sure what else is needed for Playtest. I guess i'll just do it and see what happens....

Oh, and i also had to change the name from 'ashooter' to what i really wanted 'A Shooter'. Cool huh! haha

Though somehow i am apprehensive. I have always put finished products into Playtest before...

Wish me luck

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