Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Shooter Feedback #3

yeah, Another soul has deigned to test my game. Here is what they wrote.

1. Just had a play through and I couldn't find any fail issues.

2. Really great look and feel.
3. One thing I noticed is that my score wasn't updating on the global high scores table, but looking at your comments, you are working on that.
4. Also a suggestion about the high scores - I prefer it if there isn't multiple scores for the same gamer in the table, just the gamers highest ever score.
5. Hope this helps. Drop me a line when you need help testing the glocal scores transfer.

Wonderful eh. Usually I dissect each post and analyse and give my opinion. Tonight is no different.
1. This is always good to hear. It means they tested for Fail reasons like MU pulling and screen safe etc. No fails = No more time wasted on that crap. More time for making the game better.
2. What a nice thing to say. It is alwsy a great thing to get complimients, especially releveant ones. Remember they don't have to say these things. so appreciate them, then add more to the game. this person actually seems to have noticed that I went for a feel to this game. I call it gameplay.
3. Yup, my Global scores are a broken work in progress. Tennis took up my night, so I never got to work on it some more. Again, they show they read my comments. Oh comments, i haven't mentioned them before eh. Each time you put a game into playtest you can add notes that get posted into the forums. This is a VALUABLE thing to do. Tell people what has changed. Tell them what you would really like tested or comments on. Use this to your advantage. A lot of games in playtest are not doing this. And it means their games suffers from less playtesting by Peers and also less focused comments. I have seen the Devs write that they didn't need comments on the saving system or the graphics after a playtester has taken time to write down comments for them. Idiots!
4. This is one i always feel for. But i have a plan. Local scores will record all your scores. The global scores will only record your highest. This should be a great thing for everyone to see their place.
5. Yes, it all helps. I do not care how small the feedback or how large. It all helps make a better product. It is also nice that this developer has offered his services for me to test with. That is a real nice person who seems to understand the difficulties associated with this particular game component.

And that's it for tonight. It has been a hella busy day for me, and tomorrow I will write about the busy day working on the PS3 stuff.


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