Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seeing other creative works can be inspiring

I love it when i see something i enjoy. I love it in a special way that makes me ooze confidence about my own stuff. So when i see a creative work, i get all buzzy and excited about my own creative works.

Yesterday i saw the movie 'How to train your Dragon'. It was simply stunning. I had one complaint, and that was so very minor and covered up by the artistic desicion contingency plan.

I also got this feeling when i watched the new series of Dr Who, the first episode had to introduce a New Dr, a new Tardis, AND a new companion. It is astounding this was done, while telling any kind of story that did not feel too rushed. Excellent stuff. Again this gives me confidence in my own works.

More Detail
The Dragon movie made me feel happy and wondrous. I hope to make some of my upcoming games feel like this. My series of books also fall into this category for new readers, and their parents. It makes me want to write more. It also has the down side of showing me just how much more story telling my games need. But i am not sure that XBLIG and a part time job are the place for such lofty goals. Now if i can start making some money doing thee things, then by golly i will put more in, story included.

Dr Who is a series i have always loved. It tried so very hard not to stagnate. A lot of it's main elements help this. When the main character actor changes every few years, you know it is either the kiss of death or soemthing creatively special. Dr Whos new episode made me feel a nice connection to humour. This is fairly rare, but a difficult one to bring into a game environment. I would love to experiment more with this kind of thing. Guybrush Threepwood had this covered in his games Secret of Monkey Island. Though most games do not do humour.

There are other aspects of life i use as my Muse, but they are too many to list here. Maybe i will get some time to write a sequel to this post, explaining more of my muses.

Till then, Good luck, and see the possibilities all around you, most going quietly unnoticed.


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