Monday, April 19, 2010

A Shooter Going to Playtest

I would have put it into playtest tonight, but i am too tired to take screenshots and do a video.

Then again i do have two gameplay videos already.. Hmm, i guess i could just use one of those.

A shooter Gameplay video #1

A Shooter Gameplay video #2

There are the links for anyone who wants to watch them. so the Gameplay is mostly there, but i am in a conundrum. What am i going to do about trial mode. After all my game starts off pretty slow. Then ramps up.. Beefs up and generally gets waaay more exciting as you progress. so many choices i am not sure which to choose. Ok, i hate this part of the dev process, and i am really sure a lot of others do as well. here are my choices as I see them at the moment... Not in any particular order as they say on DWTS...

1. I can make several levels to show off my Aliens and their firepower, and the gameplay... This option seemed good for Pellmell, as that game was a lot more complex and bigger overall. For this game, it is not about the new aliens so much as improving and facing the greater odds/more intersting gameplay. Not sure i can show it any better than the levels i have already. Prolly a waste of time

2. I can let them play the first 4 levels. This is how i have it right now. It lasts about 5 minutes, so hopefully leaving time for them to try again if they died, or try again with the multiplayer. Seems like a good choice at the moment. My issue with it is the first 2 levels are a bit bland... Maybe it is because i have sen them so many times, i don't know.

3. Trial levels will be lvels 1,3,5,7.. Now that is a much stronger experience, and shows a lot more off. However those levels from 5 onwards are tough for anyone not used to shooters etc. So i am worried i will alienate prospective buyers.

I guess i need to get the game into Playtest and see what the Peers say. I can at least ask people what they think of the different options. This is also why i have not put it into Playtest tonight. cos i need to write up what is good and what is expected in the game etc..

Well something for me to sleep on i hope.
g'night and good luck in all your Quandries!

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