Friday, April 23, 2010

A shooter Mods and Playstation Home update

I have been quite busy today, but it looks like everything is coming together. I am quite happy. Well ok, i am quite miserable and angry to be honest. I know i shouldn't, but i cannot seem to help myself. Firstly let me tell you all the good news.

The Midway for PS3Home,
We are still in Test with Sony and it appears all is going well since our last bug fixing update over the last weekend. The biggest bug we faced (and a show stopper) appears to be fixed, and I sure hope it is. I removed 4 lines of code to fix that bug, mwuhahhaa! I love cutting code to fix bugs. It's awesome.

A Shooter,
I am sure you are all well read up on this baby after my last few major posts. Anyway I have figured out what to do with the Health and new players issue. I have come up with an attached heads up help box that tells you that the bubble in the middle of your ship is your health. I think it is quite brilliant myself, well take a look and tell me what ya think ?
The arrow points at the Heart in your ship.
You might also notice that it shows the progression of your health.. Till you are dead. Woohoo! i Love it. Now it only appears next to your ship when you start level one, and only for about 4 seconds till it fades away.  I think it works and is something that i might do in future games as a way of training people. With that change i have done all my changes now relative to the second fedback.
currently i am working on the music. I have all the pieces and am going to put them in the game right now, as i type this they are being uploaded to my SVN server in the sky :)  I have also rebalanced a bunch of levels tonight. I really wish i didn't have right arm problems. I could shoot for longer then.

My frustration and annoyance with the day goes to...
I Blame Facebook. It should be called something else if ya ask me. I currently hate Facebook. I cannot seem to get what i want out of it at all. It seems completely moronic when you are not doing a personal page. So i will fight on. But i really KNOW that i need a facebook page. That way people will get to see my Blog and possibly some other stuff i might put on there. It is most important from a connecting point of view. It could connect me with thousands of potential Xbox owners, and maybe i can bring them into have a lok around Xblig.

Well G'night. More crap with Facebook tomorrow i am sure. BAH!

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