Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Down Time

Down Time is that point at the end of a project, or near it. That you have sent off your submission of your game to the testers, and are now awaiting a report. usually at this time I get to test the game i have been painstakingly working on for so many months. This time however it is different.

I am not able to purchase the Tickets nescessary to play the minigames, as i do not have a means to do this (faux credit card number etc). So all i can really do is wander around and play the free games as they pop up. This i can tell ya is Uber boring. Though it could be worse.

So what do i do instead, well fortunatly i got to write the Teleporting Minigame for the Central Plaza. But i finished it yesterday... and then did a big test today. Lo and behold it seems to work great. So that leaves me with erm.... Nothing to do but wait ?

Of course i did manage to interfere a bit on the other projects going on at Mass Media. But they al have very competant people working on them, so  a few minor discussions later and i am done with that.

So what now.. Well i dunno. I got so bored i left early and headed home. Where the kids were hard at homework. I did enjoy checking over their work and helping them a little each. Now that was productive.

I do not understand why people who have worked so hard to get to this point in the games dev cycle, cannot simpy wait at home. till something comes back. not always possible, but in this case it is. Of course this would mean that i could get on with My XBLIG game A Shooter.

We shall just have to see what happens tomorrow, but so far my plan is to go in LATE baby yeah!


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