Sunday, April 25, 2010

Could this be the A Shooter Art style ?

I know what you are thinking. That it would be a travesty to remove my georgous programmer graphics from the game. The cahrm the loveliness they have etc. But there comes a time, when one must think of the game.

Anyway, Here is a video excerpt from the game using some graphics that me mate Terry has had in his posession now for many a year. I put them into the game in various places. Not that i did a good job, and some of the sprites are being colored still by me. The big red spaceship looks much better in it's natural colors etc.

Other things to note in the video are...
1. My changes to the game via the Feedback from Peer Playtest.
 1a. High score in game
 1b. The popup help at the start
 1c. The more screen safe placement of text.

On with the show

Hope ya liked the video.


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