Thursday, June 10, 2010

Pax10 submission, done yours yet?

Ok, so i have also been procrastinating over this :(

But the submission stuff is awkward at best. Not sure who worded it all, but maybe a proof reader would have been nice :|

for example...
 B. Submit the $50 submission fee via Credit Card at the end of this form.
This seems easy enough, but in actuality the card processing button is at the top of the form.. so i guess it was at least at one end of it :O

Then there is...
B. You cannot be funded by an outside party.

Does this mean if Mum and Dad have paid for your music etc you are big fat Fail entry Whale?

A. Submit the official entry form (the thing you are reading right now).

The Form they speak of is a list of rules. There is No form.. No place for me to type anything into at all.

So i have written a nice email i will send along with my Zip files of my PC version of A Shooter. I will have to see how i will connect the fact that i paid the 50 bucks to submission email tomorrow when i hope to send this thing out. I am really surprised at how unclear a lot of this competition is. Then again, it could look like the activision one... Them thar rulez is large!


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