Wednesday, June 16, 2010

E3 for me tomorrow

Yep, i am going to e3. I am very excited. I am also gonna meet a bunch of ex-workmates for lunch, that will be the best part i am sure.

not sure what i am gonna look at this year, prolly as much as i can haha! But i do wanna see Kinect, cos i hope to use that in the future.

I got my stuff done for tomorrow E3 wednesday deadline, so that is good. I had no doubts of course ;)

watched the Sony presentation and thought it was a bit long. But mostly i don't understand how they can be shouting about how good their Move controllers are, when they look like the Wiimotes which we have had for a few years now. I must be missing something.

Of course i am really looking forward to seeing PS3Home and more importantly The Midway.. YAY!

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