Thursday, June 17, 2010

E3 Wednesday was my day

I got to go visit my mates workplace today. I was looking forward to it and it was very nice. Disney Online offices in North Hollywood where he now works. I met some of his workmates and they were all really nice. The offices had lots of cubicles but also lots of nice artwork along the walls, giving it a more relaxed look. Very nice. Then a quick walk and hop on a Metro train to the Staples Center.

We got to walk around the show and see a heckuva lot of people, though most seemed to be standing in some endless line at the Nintendo booth, i think maybe for the 3ds experience. I am not much of a queuer myself, so i skipped all lines. This mean't my swag haul was low this year, but tbh, i am just not that bothered. I got to see Move in Action, i got to witness Kinect in action... I also of course got to see a lot of Wii games. Here are a few thoughts about what i witnessed today, though it is biased by what i think i saw and sometimes experienced.

1. Kinect seemeed to work well with a random background of people behind it. I hope this is true.
2. Eyetoy for PS3 is as bad as seeing you as the old Eyetoy was for PS2.
3. Some games just will not feel right with Kinect (Think tenis etc). Ya gotta have something in your hand.
4. Playing golf with a Wiimote or Move controller is exactly the same. And will not help your golf game.
5. Epic mickey looked... dated. So many polygons, oops, so few i mean't. Gameplay looked great.
6. 3D games are cool. Pity it loked like it could make you very tired very quickly. We shall see.
7. Not much use of 3d, except to show depth is fps games for the most part. Was ok for sure.
8. I never got to see a 3ds... bah! Fang queues.
9. Kinect seems to be ground breaking in some ways, though held back in others.
10. Move is a couple of Wiimotes and an eyetoy.
11. The eyetoy Move games look like games Massmedia did about 5 years ago for THQ
12. I visited Indiecade, and got some info, also a publisher, though only for PC titles.

Man that was a lot of notes eh! You may not agree with some of them, or in fact any of them. They are my thoughts atm, but i hope some can be shaped to be different with experience. I certainly feel let down for some reason on the whole move thing. Feels like i did that before. Kinect, well we shall see just how it works out. I do want Harmonixs Dance though 8D

For  alate lunch i met some workmates and some ex-workmates at the yardhouse and had a hald yard of Firestone pale ale, then followed that up with a turkey melt and pint of Newcastle Brown ale. So yummy. I don't usually drink so much beer in one sitting. But it was ace. The conversation was lively and i love these guys. They Rock!!

When i got home i got the awful news of a bug report about The Midway from Sony. No idea why it has taken this long to get to me, and it's full of bullshit too. I am not happy. We were told we would be going live tomorrow. Was that a freakin Lie?

Oh and one last thought... Sony has Home, a wonderful place filled with so many possibilities, but so far unrealized. MS and Nintendo have nothing close to it.. Yet, in the presentation and in their area, it was hard to find that it existed... Why so short sighted?


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