Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Ok, so i have to apologise first off for missing last nights post. Not sure how i missed it, maybe i should blame wow, or my lack of sleep due to being crap at sleeping (oh and some discomfort from me shoulder). Fear not i will be carying on with my posts as usual and will do a few extra to make up for this missed day.

Merchandising, and small word with massive potential and complexity built in. This we are told is where all the money is in Movies and some games franchises. In my case it means a money pit. I really want to push A Shooter out with quite a lot of back end marketing. To meet that ideal i will need real prizes, not just or only the codes that i can give away for the game. Though these are ok, they only really get a small, (VERY) small amount of attention. So it is time for bigger and more costly stuff. Oh, so the point is that tody i went to visit my printer and erm designer. He is re-designing my logo to be much bigger resolution wise.

Note to everyone!!
 Make your Logos have at the very least 300 dpi. Not like mine which was 72dpi. It pays to know.

Ok, back to my visit with Dave the designer and T-Shirt printing guy. He is a wonderful chap (as i have mentioned before), but i was getting concerned as it was about 3 weeks ago i sent them an email asking for some pricing information. I never got a reply, so each week i sent a follow up email. This is where it got silly, as i had decided this monday to call Dave directly and ask what was going on. By this time i am a bit frustrated and not sure what is going on. Well monday came along and i got a call from Dave, so he beat me to it. It seems that his office controller and secretary (the one i had been emailing) had not worked out at all. I know this first hand of course, as she had not bothered to reply to me at all. I feel sorry she did not work out, but this will have cost Dave and his business quite a lot of money i am sure.

The good news is i got to spend about an hour of quality time with a very interesting and talented guy over my lunch hour. I know i will get prices done very soon, and then i can try and see just how much this pursuit is going to cost. I know it will be too much, but one has to try.

Once i get some samples i will post up some pictures of the items.


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