Wednesday, June 9, 2010


It should be no secret by now. But i am looking for sponsors. I am looking for people to sponsor the creation of my game to help me make it a reality. I know i have a game already. Though i want to make it a lot more than it is now. I want to put more production value into this little project of mine. However it has cost me a lot of money so far and yet i want to put even more into it.

Hence the Sponsor page i have in 'A Shooter'. This page will be dedicated to people who give me money to get this game done. The more money they give me the bigger the display of their name in the credits. I am sure some people will look at this as not Indie, or financed by a group etc. I don't really care what people think. I just want to show my awesome gameplayability to the best that i am able. At this time i am able is below where i want it to be.

Anyone intersted in sponsoring 'A Shooter' please drop me a line at Da Voodoochief email addy.

Here is a picture of the sponsor scredits screen.


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