Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Not on the Sony stand at E3

Yup, ya heard that right. I got told officially today that i wasn't needed fro the Sony stand. I had hoped i could be there showing off my stuff in PS3 Home. That nice personal touch, it would also have mean't that people who i don't really know, but i chat with on twitter and in the XNA forums would know where i was to meet up for an intorductory HI!

I am a bit bummed about this to be honest.

Still, the new release date for The Midway is still at June 17th... So i hope this doesn't change this time. If by friday it is still this date, then i wil have to contact our agent in charge of checking out and reporting on The Midway.

As for my XNA stuff. The stand is looking good, i'll grab a picture tomorrow and show ya what it looks like once i actually get the Xbox into it. Though the stand is not actually attached to the base yet.

Still, i have to go and meet someone about my late taxes tomorrow, so that will be a really fun lunchtime... NOT!

Have a great night,


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