Saturday, June 26, 2010

The Force Unleashed for Xbox

I have ben watching my son play The force Unleashed now for a few weeks, helping him when he gets stuck etc. What a wonderful game it is. so complete in so many ways. What everyone must realise is that so very few of us will ever get to work on such a great title.

I have been very lucky and worked on some big titles, but to be honest most of them have not entranced me the way this one does. It sets a bar of quality for full price titles. It has so much in it from a detail perspective and the storyline is epic. Truly a wonderful work of art (oops did i say art, lol).

What is so special?
1. The story is excellent
2. It is star wars, thru and thru
3. The controls are complictaed, but only end up that way
4. there is an excellet tutorial/training segment
5. Enemies etc move in a familiar way
6. The scene and landscapes are truly stunning (oh man i said truly again!)

I have listed on a few things, but oh man.. the number of people that must of worked on this title must be staggering.

Good job LucasArts i applaud you. now time for bed, that is enough TFU for one night haha (yeah, i am playing it now too :S)


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