Friday, June 11, 2010

PS3Home update and Printing

I spent a lot of my day today working on the Darlas Den personal space. I branched the P4 repository for this part of our Midway development so i could work on it with abandon. So far it has worked out quite well, though i did spend most of the day copying a minigame we have and thentrying hard to start stripping it down. You see i need to take the now two identical minigames and strip them into two halves, opposite halves i think ya could say. Though this should be easy enough, nothing is ever easy.

With no precompile to tell me of some impending problems i am left to run the ting, and we are out of memory. We really know how to pack stuff at Massmedia and Darlas Den is no exception. Then i had an epiphany... I could just change the scene to a public scene and give myself a load more memory to work with, YAY! Now i could at least run without running out of memory before anything could happen. The rest of the day i stripped one of the games down.

Then just before i left work i realised that i missed something inmportant. So with the removal of a few more lines of code... Everything broke.. ARGH! and then i have my wife call me on the phone at this exact time asking me to grab food on the way home and the family is starving.. DOH! Always at the awkward times eh :S so i have left the issues to be resolved tomorrow :[]

I had printing issues tonight. I have no idea why the printer decided to print over the edges of the page. I wonder if it was a word issue, as it kept complaining about my margins, though my printer will print marginless. Either way i now have a bunch of glossy printouts that are useless. Grrr

to add to that i am still not able to get a hold of Blizzard to sort out my now Banned account. Yeah on monday they banned me. Not sure why atm, as i have no email.

Well, tomorrow is another day, and i am sure it will be chock full of surprises.


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