Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Midway to go Live

Here we are at just two days left till The Midway goes live in the PS3 Home area. It has been a much longer road than anticipated to get it finally out, but thursday will be the time to celebrate. It is hard to conatin myself as i went to visit Home today and saw for the first time the advertisements in the Plaza area.

In the plaza we have a massive poster on the front windows of the Mall. We also have a large poster on the side of the Mall. These are great advertisements and i sure hope they generate some interest. The Tele-porta-potty I wrote is going to be taking the place of the Yoda fountain. so watch out for that, as i sure hope it works :S  Not like i could really test it you see. Fingers crossed from me on that one.

In the Plaza and also inside the Mall we have somethibg else we have worked on very recently. That is the ToyStory3 home space. There ais a lot of advertising for that around in poster form. We are very excited about this space and think it could be the best personal space within home currently.

Ok, back to work for me, i need to get Darlas Den sorted out for when we start releasing The Midway2 area ;)


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