Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The day before The Midway

Here we are in the afternoon before The Midway goes live on PS3 home. I.. scratch that. We here at Mass Media are all very excited to see our game go live. If it does well i hope to be partying through the day, if there are issues i expect to be programming through the night haha!

The excitement is from anyone who has worked on the minigames within the space, and of course we are all hoping there are no issues. It is amusing on some level to see how excited we all are even though we are mostly grizzled industry veterans. The excitement i think comes because this is not your normal boxed game, it is different in so many way. Less closed, and for a long time it has ben hard to push boundaries within the next gen computers and systems. This space gives us a way to push boundaries, even if they are imposed by Sony creating a system on top of the base PS3 layer.

Excitment is of course two fold, Epic success or Epic failure are both close brothers and are at this time very close by. We all here very excited to stare at the PS3 tomorrow morning and i usspect we will not get a lot of work done al day as we keep meandering past the Live ps3's we have here at work. BTW, i used Epic cos it annoys some people and i like it 8D

I hope if you go and look at The Midway you enjoy what is there,


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