Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Few mods and possibilities

Today was an interesting day. I rotated the Tele-porta-potties in the minigame i have for the Plaza for PS3Home. I had to rotate them because the minigame i was going to be taking up in the Plaza scene was exaclty 180 degress opposite from what i had written. This where things can get sketchy as far as which way around something is in an editor. If the location arrow is pointing towards you, is that correct? Or should it be facing away to show that is it's forward facing. This means for me that the porta potties could be eitehr way around to be honest.

I guess i made them the wrong way around as far as Sony and their Plaza location is concerned. Not really an issue. Though i thought it was interesting that i could not decide which way is forward. In fact we internally have had several discussion about it and come to no conclusions apart from lets leave it as we have it atm, which was probably an accident of facing. haha

I also got to discuss more stuff with the boss as far as other things that we could do for PS3Home. With the advent of the HDK 1.36 we can now do a bunch of more interesting things. such as scripted furniture and stand alone arcade games. Woohoo am i excited about what we can come up with. I'll post more as we decide what kinda things we will do.


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