Friday, June 11, 2010

Copy and Split

In Darlas Den personal space we have a minigame called Big Bang. This game does not just do the minigame control and gameplay. It is also a way to control the space itself. Needless to say this minigame has gotten a little large and out of control. so it now falls to me to sort it out.

So to start with i need to separate out the two main functions it has. So i copied the minigame to another minigame called DarlasDen. Then started to strip out the game and gameplay and assets from this new copy. this has been a pain in the butt and for several reasons. The first one was that i could not just add the new minigame to the scene. Oh no, we were packing it too tightly. oh wait, i mentioned that before in a previous post haha! Well today i got to work heavily on this removal and let me tell ya it was a pain. Last night i left it broken, and today it took me all day to fix it. some of the issues were my own. One thing stands out however. I always tell myself that if i cannot find the problem where i am looking, then it is porbably elsewhere.. Yeah they were, several of them.. Hours of time taken on some simple things. The good news is that i do appear to have gotten this stripped out game to control the scene functionality!

Next comes part two, stripping down the Big Bang minigame to only have the gameplay and assets, and remove all scene control. This is one i hope to find easier.

After that comes the rewrite of the scene assets and control. Mainly because i need to save a lot of memory to get the expansion in there... Wish me luck, i'll need it.


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