Sunday, June 13, 2010

New car, who needs one?

Well I do, or more accurately my family do. The minivan we have is going strong it seems, but that dash warning light has ben flashing at us now for many miles and a lot of months. It is only time till it breaks down completely i am sure. The new wrinkle in buying a new car though is the fact that my daughter is about to be 12, and that would mean that in 4-5 years time she will most likely be driving.

Yeah, a tough thing to think about, but one that is on the horizon for sure. So our choice of next vehicle has to be tempered with the knowledge that she will inherit this particular vehicle.

So my short list atm is..
Ford  Fiesta (great milage, though i have yet to see one in the flesh)
Nissan  Rogue (love crossovers, but what troubles does it hide , my current vehicle is a nissan)
Mazda cx5 (minivan, and also a lot of seats for her to fill up with too many distracting friends.. argh!)

My taxes are now coming together, hopefully i shall have them done soon.

However i am not sure how much i should put down as my paid wages per hour, i know i didn;t get paid for sorcerygames work, but i should claim the loss it seems.


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