Saturday, June 5, 2010

Always more is needed

So i am brain dead toady. I need to write up this this document for a surprise hopefully ready in less than a week, if i can get on with it. Only i am unable to write anything today. so i played a little wow, now one of my accounts is restored, sorting out all that inventory is a pain in the buttocks i can tell ya.

I did get my base (box finished for my demo stand. So next up is fastening the stand to the base. Then onto curtaining it and fitting in the xbox etc, quite exciting for me. As i get closer to finishing this i get more excited about being closer to demoing my game.

I also worked a bit on the side panles for the monitor, but now i need new black ink cartridge, bah!

Not sure what tomorrow will bring, hopefully some less brain dead brainwaves...


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