Friday, June 18, 2010

Bugs to Fix and Tennis

I had an interesting day fixing bugs and getting bugs fixed by artists and another programmer. It all went very well and i managed to get it al put togetehr and sorted out and uploaded to Sony by the end of the regular day. That kind of thing hardly ever happens. I know i took a few short cuts by declaring C class bugs as not important.  Well not important enough to have to create new models for as exporting the original ones seems to be broken.

Then i went and supported my tennis team. I would have ben in this playoff match tonight, but with my arm still in a bad way. That just wasn't possible. So i did what i could and cheered on the rest of my team in a very tough playoff meetup. We eventually prevailed 3-2 (in courts) after losing the 2 singles courts but eventualy winning the three doubles courts. thye final match was being played with it all tied at 2-2, and in the background we could hear a bar nearby cheering as the Lakers took the win. It was all real exciting and the second set tie-breaker eventually went our way from 1-4 down to 7-5 for the win! Woohoo, Go team!

I don't feel like going back to work tomorrow, it feels like the weekend has already started for me, but work is work and pay is pay. I also heva  few things to mod for The Midway release next week, yeah next week is now what i am being told. bah! One day i promise it will be released...


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