Sunday, June 27, 2010

Blogs By Shin

Shin has an excellent Blog that he updates regularly. I would recommend people read it as he keeps it simple and to the point. the point being reveiwing games mostly.

He points out obvious stuff about games that have been recently released. Though sometimes he will talk about older games and memories.  along the way Developers, especially new ones could learn a thing or two about making games. Making Whole games i should say. What i mean by this is actually highlighted by his most recent post... here is the link

Digital Quarters

The post i am referring to is about a recently released title into the Xblig universe 'Old School racer'. This is a pretty good game, one of the few (regretfully i cannot seem to find enough time for playtesting session, each one takes me approximately 30-45 minutes). Oops enough about my lack of time. I commented on this game quite extensively. The reason is simple. It was a nice game when first presented but was lacking a lot of touches. Touches usually come under the quality label, and I listed a whole slew of things. Then i hoped to be able to do a second pass when the frist one was addressed. .I even mentioned i hope he didn't rush the title out and finished it. Alas i agree with Shin on this one. The final touches are not there, though i have to say that a lot of extra time was spent on developing this game. When i saw it, it never had nitro boost and a set of the other features like multiple bikes.

It is aok to spend time adding more content, no, please add as much as you want. Then when you have tired of this or it has met your size criteria, go ahead and then spend as much time developing the touches on top. This is a great example of a lot of time spent on features and not enough anywhere else.

Shin told it like it is. Great job mate and keep up the blog posts, i always love to read them. Maybe when ya get ya hands on my next game you will give me some sold thoughts. Though if ya complain i'll maybe cry ;)  Nah! Honesty in reveiwing for me always. Though i do have to say that ... Well talking about reveiwers is actually another post for another day...

Now go see his blog, and maybe learn something!

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