Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Web can Help

It is always a good idea to know where you can get help when ya get stuck.

I recommend work mates, but if they are not programmers, then maybe that won't work. I am talking of course about all my Xna part time programming buddies, they do a variety of jobs so they may not be as lucky as myself when needing to ask some technical question about programming.

I also recommend the web. Some people it seems do not give it the proper kudos it deserves, but as i don't remember much of pythagorus theorum, the web can be the bext bet. I can implement most algorythms but cannot remember them for the life of me. The only real hardship with the web is that it can be hard to locate anything actually useful. Or useful enough to my brain type. Depending on how some people write their info i will do better or worse at understanding it. Anyhow the web has the answers, they can just be a bit hard to decipher.

Line drawing algorythms were the order of the day today for one of my workmates. It was good to see that article again. It has been a number of years. Just great stuff.


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