Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Working with my Peers

Xblig is an interesting place, full of stuff. I say stuff cos i am not sure what some of the things are. It is also full of developers of every type and persuasion.

Last night i deigned to do nothing on my own game and instead look through the Peer review list and also the Playtest list. I was primarily looking for games that some of my Tweeple are working on. Strangely enough i feel very connected to these other devs that i have not yet met in real life. Instead i have grown to know them a little better through 140 character limit posts in twitter. The one thing i like about these peers is their dedication and determination (dang, thats two thnigs already, argh!). They want to produce a nice product fit to be proud of and do it in the hopes that people will notice it and play it.

So browsing through the review list first nabbed me an odd game from Stegersaurus games. Some strange twist of a game with Massage in the name. Very funny i thought when i saw it and tested it. I couldn't find anything really wrong and so passed it. Not quite my cup of tea but my kids liked it.

Then with no other name being known to me on the Reiew list i headed off to the Playtest area. This is where i spend a lot more time, as playtesting and giving back worthwhile feedback is a longer process than Peer testing a review game.I found two games here Old School Adventure and Blazin Balls Xtreme Edition. I have to say i had a rather good time with both and ended up writing many words for the developers, but that isn't the point of this writup. In fact what is the point is the way they took the criticism. That not only read and commented and asked questions about what was said by myself and a few others (Bob Taco Ind and QuimbyRBG). They did it in such a professional way that it warms my heart to think that i am actualy working with these people. Yes, i feel that connected to their product in some small way.

I thank these devs for treating me and my other Peers with such respect, even when we say stuff that isn't very nice. And to all those devs that get so annoyed and aggravated with playtest reviewers, please learn some decorum!

I now look forward to my next delve into the wonderful world of Xblig playtest and Peer review.


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