Saturday, August 7, 2010

New Intro Vid is done

Of course i say it is done. But it is only done if i am not gonna pay an artist to do a good job. Not that i am really complainign about what i have achieved, but it is not really what i want.

Here it is...

So what has changed since the last time you have seen it? Well i started by making some smoke, and then i did a small video sequence of it scaling and  panning. This was because i wanted to have a lot of freedom when it came to transitioning with the logo etc. Surprisingly this method worked really well and i loved the result right away.
You might be wondering why i have the smoke in greyscale. This was a design choice made to allow the logo to Pop out of the screen. Which i think i achieved pretty well. Then i had to choose the transition method of the logo disappearing. This i spent way too long on, as the first one i really liked had a bug in it's sequence (thanks Pinnacle!). So it took me a while but then i got the one i am using and like.

After that it was all about timing. Timing the audio smack and the sorcery name etc. also making sure there was not too much down time in the middle of the video etc. In the end i think it turned out aok.


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