Monday, August 30, 2010

Bit of a Poker Video

Mass Media's Brimstone poker table for ya homespace.

Ok, so i know it is only 3 seconds long. but i had enough trouble getting this. We really had nothing very suitable, and we cannot show player names etc. Enjoy...

This one does not show the interface, i have ben told we don't have any footage we can show of that because of player names being present on the screen. We have rules that tell us we cannot do that, sorry. I woudl love to show the interface otherwise.

Maybe today i can find out when it will go live, if not this thursday.

So it looks like uploading this video to Blogspot has severely reduced it's quality, bah humbug i say!!


  1. Short, but cool :)

    It's looking really good

  2. Hey Cubehouse,

    Thanks and i hope everyone enjoys it.

    Da Voodoochief