Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Intro Video On the Xbox Issue

I got home tonight and spent some good times trying hard to Code 4 Kris Steeles new game Hypership Out of Control. He just got it through peer reveiw and Bam, one of the reveiwers finds a code 4. This is serious business as it in theory just went onto the new releases list I have no idea how that will lay out, i sure hope he gets it on the list when the game is fixed. In comparison to Kris's problem mine are basic.

So i wanted to get my new intro video onto the Xbox, to see it in all it's glory... Only i had to wait while Hypership was being tested (i think my game was crashing others, so i left it up). The waiting mean't i got some other coding jobs done, so all good there.

However when i got the intro onto the Xbox it was al choppy. ARGH! so i went straight to the video editor and worked on smaller less Mbps Wmvs. In fact i have ended up spending more than an hour and a half, thanks mostly to the export times of Video. sometimes they would generate corrupted stuff. Others they worked great on my PC. Then when i put them, in the game and ran from the solution, they looked choppy and crap. It took me quite some time to realise that when streaming from your PC, it is crap. Only when i decided to work on a trial mode feature and launched my game fram the Dash did i see that the video was in fact alright. which means i have wasted sooo much time tonight :(

So the lesson is,
Don't believe all ya see.
Video running through the debugger will almost certainly look awful.


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