Sunday, August 15, 2010

Kickstarter and A Shooter a No go

Today i got my notification from Kickstarter that it didn't work out. We should part ways and you won't get your funding.
Anyone reading my posts since i started the kickstarter project will realise that i mentioned a few weeks back that i was feeling a bit 50/50 about whether or not i wanted it funded. I have positives for both, but was interested in knowing how it would go down either way, once its time ends.

Now it has ended on a negative note and i do in fact know how i feel. I feel rather let down. A bit demoralized and i think a bit under appreciated. I truly felt i was offering something interesting, something fun and great value for money. To get so few pledges feels like a slap in the face tbh. I commend those friends and those few people i do not know for pledging. If i can get your information i will add you into my credits regardless. I won't be working on the PC version i don't think, otherwise i would also send you a copy of that too.

So i feel a bit sour, after posting on Xbox sites and forums and facebook pages and more. I do not know what more i could have done for this. My press release went everywhere, but nowhere it mattered...

Well i am a bit down about this, so let me just tell you that i will be writing up a post mortem on the subject of my kickstarter project. I will also post it in the Xna forums i reckon. Maybe people can learn from what i did, and do better.



  1. Hi Chief,

    Do not let that get you down. Such is the life of an indie studio. Most of the game projects on that site fail to reach their funding.

    If you believe in something enough, you need to do it yourself. Everything you are going through is what I have/currently experienced.

    I'll leave it at that for now.

  2. Thanks for the Shoulder DD. I know i will get past it. Apathy is the easy option for anyone, and that is what i am seeing. Just like the apathy from a lot of Devs producing crap, cos it will probably sell as well as anything they put effort or their hearts into. I cannot be one of those.

    Heres hoping to great success for both of us in the near future!

    Raises a beer :D

    Da Voodoochief

  3. You did your best with the Kickstarter project, but what I think you need to realize is that failing to get funded had nothing to do with you or how great your game is/could be. It has everything to do with the way Kickstarter works. Only staff recommended projects get funded with any regularity at all. If you look through the logs you'll see that crap projects from the staff recommended list get funded several times over and strokes of pure genius that aren't on that list won't make their funding goals.

    Kickstarter also has nothing to say about the quality of your project. That website works completely independently of the market. It would have been cool to have the Kickstarter funding to make A Shooter match your vision for it. But you still have a great and very fun game. And soon you will hit the market that actually matters anyways.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is that Kickstarter was a cool opportunity for funding, but it is not the judge of your work. And it shouldn't be, it doesn't have the people with the knowledge or the market with the disposition to make that determination.

    Personally I think your catalog is where we see the quality of the work you've done. This will be your fourth release and watching each project do better than the last, I know you're on the right track. As Dragon Divide said, this is the current plague for all indie developers. You're in the class that's working to break that mold, and as being different always is, it's going to be a rocky road, but you'll pull through.

    Now, if you'll excuse me, I just made myself need some ice cream... mmm... rocky road... :P