Monday, August 9, 2010

working that design

While i was busy today working on the design for my new game i realised i could include another major player in the game style, one where i could dig holes and fill them in after trapping aliens in them. I cannot off the top of my head remember the arcade game this comes from, but i do remember enjoying playing it. However it does not quite fit my current design criteria, but it may in a sequel.

One of the issues i have mentioned is the size of the players and aliens, and how hard it is to get truly connected to your charatcer if he was the size of a pacman. I also mentioned lokoing at bomberman and the way they did it. I loved it so much i skecthed it today. It was very succesful, they look great. So double tall characters it is, and double tall aliens as well. I will try to take another photo tomorrow night to show ya what i mean. I think it looks pretty smart.

I also set out today to work on some coding, but it seems i am in a design mood and not a coder mood. Arg! i waste so much time farting about and not actually doing any coding. I have 3 coding jobs and i have little inteerst in any of them. Though all are very important. But i know from being experienced with my moods that it is best left till another day. One of these days i will wake up in a coding mod and Whammo, one job down etc. Still today i worked on trying to get a new baseapp written. I have started and am about 30% through, i got stopped when i hit the code i really want to change.

We shall see what mood i'll be in tomorrow.

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