Sunday, August 22, 2010

Demo station

I have been busy going ahead and building the demo station, even though i did not get financed by Kickstarter. It was already half built anyway. Today i hope to get my Xbox inside it and maybe the top connected to the bottom.

So the new news, and why i am writing this post is that i chatted with the manager of my local Gamestop today. He was very nice as always and was trying to be helpful. However his hands are tied in respect to my wishes. So he kindly gave me a couple of phone numbers to contact the corporate offices of Media and store operations. I hope that phoning them this week will allow me to get in store asap. We shall see.

The game is nearly ready for playtest again, what i hope will be my final playtest, but one never knows. The only real issue i have currently is that the intro video has decided to start playing at 1/4 screen, very very odd. It never did this before, and it makes the rest of the screen green for some odd reason. Most weird. ahh well...


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