Monday, August 30, 2010

Sneak attack Item

So i never told anyone about the PS3 Home Sneak Attack items that can now be bought in Playstation home.

Here is the promo video we did for it.
Sneak Attack

So what ya do is pickup the remote control for free from the shop in the Mall. Then you can use it to place a single sneak attack sfx. Optionally you can buy some other items that will make the remote do other features and allow several sneak attack trigger placements. Of course i would recommned the bundle as that is the cheapest way to get everything. And the items you buy for expanding the remote also come with gear to wear, like the gas mask for fart sounds and fiery hair etc.

This is a silly but fun item for your personal space. After all, fart sounds when people sit in your personal spaecf never gets old.




  1. This a really good addition to Home, I would highly recommended it, me and friends have had a lot of fun with Sneak Attack. I very much look forward to expanding my sound library in the future.

  2. Hi Dan,

    This is one silly item. the guys at work thought it would be a fun something to add to anyones home space. Only for laughs of course, but good times.

    Thanks for the comment.
    Da Voodoochief