Sunday, August 1, 2010

New Sorcery Intro Video?


Not got one!

why Not ?

Well... It took me an hour and  half to install my software to edit the new intro video. so now i have no time left to make one tonight Grrrr.

Ya see, sometimes thing does not work out. I felt i had adequate time to build myself a new Sorcery Games Intro video for a Shooter and beyond. But the stupid disks from Pinnacle decided to be flakey. sometimes working and sometimes not. So after fighting with it for way too long, i have finaly got it installed. I then looked around at some of the transition effects etc, and called it quits. No way can i make something nice in an hour, which is all i have left before i need to go to bed. BAH!

On another note, i joined XboxLiveAddicts today. They have kindly given me my own Forum to play with as a developer. I am sincerely hoping that i can enyertain and inform some new Xbox owners. I also hope of course that this will be another way to connect with my Xbox community and maybe get a few new followers for my games.

Now after all my frustration, i am done for tonight.


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