Monday, August 30, 2010

Networking errors can suck time

And that is the reason for my lack of posting this last day or so.

I have borrowed an xbox off a friend of mine to work on the shared highscore stuff. I needed to make it garbage collection free so i could run it while playing my game. The previous version was so bad timing suck wise that my game would judder badly for a couple of seconds, totaly crapola. The new version works seemlessly i am proud to say.. and i got that running very quickly. However i have a problem that is odd in nature.

I would go into details but i am so tired now. So many hours watching this thing die is very demoralizing, when i was this close a couple of days ago. Such a waste of a weekend, but i truly believe that a shooter should always have a real meaningful high score system, and as MS don't give me one, i will have to get this networking code fully functional.

so over this weekend i must have spent more than 12 hours working on this one bug.

A Joining machine find s a host and receives the scores that are sent. Then he reciprocates and sends his high scores. all good so far... Then....
Occasionally the joining machine will end his session, and hang there. The update call i have just doesn't seem to happen. I get no debug prints or anything. I believe the debug prints stop because all threads have locked. If i break into the code (anywhere) and immediately set it going again, the threads appear to be reset and it all goes along on it's merry way again. Till the next time.

I cannot find any useful (at this time) info on the web about this. The network session is just sort of getting stuck, and as a high priority thread, well it kills all else.

More tomorrow i suspect. so far my latest attempt is up to 5 mins, but i think it is just messing with me.


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