Friday, August 27, 2010

PS3 Home - Poker Again

I didn't realise this would be such a popular subject, but as it is i thought i should do a quick follow up.

There are certain things i cannot say at this time, so i apologize in advance if i am vague about anything you care about.

I will try to grab some video footage later today, but i need to get permission to publish such a thing. I will try however, and i am usually convincing :D

Due to concerns about what can and cannot be done i have some of the Poker team testing that the Voice chat will work with our poker game seemlessly. It will work seemlessly by the end of the day regardless of wether or not it does at present (which we believe it wil).

Info Nugget: If you obtain certain certain criteria in the game you can Win prizes (Here at MMI we love to give out prizes hehe).
Info Nugget:It is a 6 player table and supports Texas Hold-em Limited style poker.

That is all i have for now.


  1. I hope I am reading this correctly, and Texas holdem is the only style of game play it will play. Not that it only plays texas holdem Limit? Cause if it is texas holdem limit & not no limit, you will disapoint alot of people.

  2. Hi there CobaltCurse,

    Well you didn't quite read that right. In fact this version that you will get on thursday is in fact Just a Limited Texas Holdem version.
    We felt that putting this out asap for people would be what people would want and are busy working on an upgrade for the No-limit tournemant version. I'll write more in a real post i think.

    Da Voodoochief

  3. Thanks for responding. I am disapointed to hear that it only plays limit holdem, as will alot of people. It is nice to hear that it will be updated, to have a No Limit feature though.