Thursday, August 5, 2010

What do i do with an Idea?

I have game ideas all the time, some i just leave in my head for when they are ready for a more solid reference in the real world. Some ideas of course do not make it out of my head ever.

Once i have an idea i am ready to record for posterity, i usually make notes. I know i live in the computer age and all, but i love pencils and paper. The way it feels in my hand seems to draw out the information i need to divulge. I write stuff i didn't know i had decided upon.

Below are a couple of pages from my most recent notes on what might end up being my next game. See what ya think.
These notes on Note lined paper are where i start. I have one of these pads around me at all times.

This is where i go once i have written some notes on the note paper. The blank pages are wonderful, though never large enough for me. I hate to change paper half way through writing anything down.

This note taking isn't about quality, or even clarity. It is to see if i have enough ideas to actually make this game work. If it will work with all my criteria. YES, i write down my criteria for the game as one of it's first steps. I didn't take a photo of that, darn it. Anyway, this game has 9 criteria associated with it, and that is only single player!

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